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Rob Goes Sci-Fi Speed Dating With TLC's Geek Love - YouTube Fake, real and somewhere in between — multiple panels cover the tech of sci-fi. Jun 13, 2012. on Sci-Fi Speed Dating with the crew from TLC's Geek Love.enjoy. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats.

Sci-Fi Speed Dating at New Orleans Comic-Con Doug Does. There’s all-day gaming (dital and analog) every day, plus playtests, demos and tournaments. well, scares with screenings from The Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival. Jan 9, 2017. Join Doug MacCash as he third-wheels at a sci-fi speed dating event at the New Orleans Wizard World Comic-Con.

Speed Dating Goes Sci-Fi at MegaCon. - YouTube Dress as a Dalek for the WHCD and you’ll get turned away at the door. Mar 26, 2016. Sci-Fi Speed Dating at New Orleans Comic-Con Doug Does - Duration. 322 views ·. Sci-Fi Speed Dating - FanX 2015.

GEEK LOVE Interview with Sci-Fi Speed Dating host Ryan Glitch. It’s a family reunion as Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill (who played daughter and father, respectively, on “Doctor Who,” even though she’s older; it makes sense within the series) appear. An industry that spent a long part of its history essentially saying “You have Wonder Woman. ” is now changing for the better (not that Wonder Woman isn’t awesome). Dec 19, 2011. Ryan Glitch, founder of Sci-Fi Speed Dating and host of Geek Love. Do you identify yourself as a nerd and/or geek. E. Ortiz has been working as a freelance journalist, videographer and editor for almost ten years for many.

I tried speed dating. ForeverAlone - Reddit A whole chunk of the con, now in its third year, is dedicated to gaming — like, an entire side of the center. Do not post inflammatory comments or threads desned to generalize, demean, insult or. My advice is stay away unless you need to work on your interpersonal tools. I went to sci fi speed dating at denver comic con.

Speed Dating Returns To The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. At Awesome Con, you’re the coolest kid in the room. Feb 16, 2012. Organized by founder Ryan Glitch, Sci-Fi Speed Dating has taken the geek. This year, five C2E2 Speed Dating sessions will be held at the. Ryan Glitch notes “This works, whether you're looking for true love, or new friends.

Ryan Glitch Sci-Fi Speed Dating - YouTube Find the Robin to your Batman, the Oliver to your Felicity Smoak, the Tara to your Willow. Sep 29, 2012. Sci-Fi Speed Dating Gamerati

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